Anna Serdiukow


Anna Serdiukow is a graduate from the Institute of Journalism and Reportage Laboratory (Instytut Dziennikarstwa i Laboratorium Reportażu) at the Warsaw University and Gender Studies at the Jagiellonian University. For several years she worked at the National Theatre as an director’s assistant and theatre stage manager. She also collaborated as a reporter with TV4 Television (Telewizja TV4) and Cinema Poland Television (Telewizja Kino Polska).
For three years she worked in the newspaper Bauer Publishing, for the next three years concreted the monthly journal „Machina”. For a year, she was a commissioning editor of the Film Journalistic Writing Department (Dział Publicystyki Filmowej) in the”Film” magazine. She publishes e.g. in „Mirror”, „Elle”, „Twój Styl”, „Wysokie Obcasy Extra”, „Dziennik”, „FilmPro”, and

Anna Serdiukow promotes the niche and articstic cinema. In Warsaw club„Znajomi Znajomych” she organizes auteur film review „You will not find this in torrents”. For four years she has been the spokesperson for the Koszalin Debut Film Festival „Youngsters and Film” (Koszaliński Festiwal Debiutów Filmowych „Młodzi i Film”); she is responsible for the selection of festiwal internationl debuts too.

Serdiukow served as director’s assistant on the film „Rezerwat” of Łukasz Palkowski. She evaluates scenarios, e.g. polish and international awards winner „Płynące wieżowce” of Tomasz Wasilewski. Anna Serdiukow promotes partricular films and artistic events. Starting this year, she is the art director of the film festiwal (Festiwal Cinergia Forum Kina Europejskiego) in Łódź.