Małgorzata Kiełkiewicz

Head of Creative Europe Desk Poland

Head of Creative Europe Desk Poland and Head of European Programmes Dept. at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

In 2013 she decided to use her expertise and familiarity with the MEDIA Programme to lead the Creative Europe Desk Poland and allow the smooth transition and efficient implementation of Creative Europe Programme in Poland. Małgorzata Kiełkiewicz earned her MA in Finance from Warsaw School of Economics. Her background includes film production and postproduction in: Central Productions, Orka and OTO Film Studio. In 2000 she became the Head of production at The Chimney Pot. In 2006 she joined MEDIA Desk Poland as the MEDIA Coordinator where she was responsible for assisting producers, distributors, film festival organisers and film schools in applying for MEDIA funding, organising international conferences and workshops for industry professionals, promoting the MEDIA Programme and coordinating the MEDIA Desk projects.