European Film Conference European Cinematography And The Challenges Of Piracy And Of Digital Reality on the occasion of The 29. European Film Awards.

Financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland
Organized by Legal Culture Foundation
Coorganized by National Centre for Culture

European Film Academy
European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016
The New Horizons Association

The main goal of the conference is to hold a discussion about the digital distribution of films and the mechanisms of supporting it, piracy, support mechanisms, and the options of co-production in Europe. The discussion will not only cover the theoretical aspects of the subject matter but will also be a debate with practical ramifications. The participants will reflect on the needs and recommendations related to the topic, so as to contribute to the European cooperation of filmmakers.

The discussion will concern the future of the European cinematography in the digital world, protection of cultural goods, and fighting piracy. The conference is a platform for exchanging various experiences: of producers, distributors, lawyers, representatives of cultural institutions and creative industries – open to a wide public.

The conference consists of three panels devoted to various topics and a debate which sums up earlier discussions.

I Panel: European Cinematography and Piracy

  • The influence of piracy on the condition of the European film market – an analysis of the phenomenon.
  • The phenomenon of linking to illegal sources in the light of Court of Justice of the European Union jurisdiction.
  • European legal systems and their significance for anti- piracy actions. Future prospects.
  • Education in the area of IP as a significant element of anti-piracy policies, building the consciousness of businesses and consumers.
  • The Follow the money concept and other tools and mechanisms which limit the monetization of illegal access to content.

II Panel: Models of Film Distribution Opportunities and Threats

  • Key solutions in the digital distribution of films: model’s comparison.
  • Variances between European countries as regards the digital distribution of films (various legal, technological, and cultural conditions, etc.): which practices are worth passing on and why?
  • Defining the future of digital market, opportunities and risks.
  • Threats related to piracy and protection against piracy in digital distribution – technological directions.

III Panel: Mechanisms of Supporting Film Productions in Europe

  • The principles of financing film productions.
  • Non-financial facilities in European countries.
  • Co-production cooperation, barriers and the need for solutions.
  • Co-production as the foundation of the European cinematography. Examples of good practices.

IV Debate: A summary of the conference the future, challenges, and recommendations

  • A summary of discussion panels – solutions and recommendations.
  • The practical dimensions of co-production and distribution cooperation.
  • Filmmakers’ expectations in the light of national policies.
  • Practical results of a digital revolution – opportunities and threats for the cinema.
  • Comments Area.